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—Big Girls Cry


Sᴀᴋᴜʀᴀ Hᴀʀᴜɴᴏ ( x )

Wash away all things you’ve taken
I don’t care if I don’t look pretty
Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking

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he’s hotter in modern police outfit tho lookie static.zerochan.net/Uch…


*gasps* ………….short-haired sasuke……. *wheezes* …………. in a police uniform…………. *hyperventilates* 

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lol i was kidding. i just would like for sasuke to be in it cause it was his first dream as a little kid. plus, uchiha sasuke in a police uniform? hot dayummmm

hehehe its okay i know!! but like…. shit…. fuck……. now I want that……. I want that very badly………………….

xxlovendreamsxx replied to your post: I don’t like in fics or headcanons whe…

but it was sasuke’s dreaaaaaam. plus isn’t the whole point of this manga to prove that they can do what past generations were unable to do? :P lol jk

maybe it’s just my hate for tobirama seeping out but like…. everything tobirama did for the uchiha gets me so frustrated i cant even see straight when I think about it I just see RED tbh

also one thing in my fics and headcanons that i’m trying to correct is how I gave sakura like… a set place in the hospital cause like….. she really doesn’t work there now…. and has never expressed an interest in doing so….. and really the more I think about it the more I can never see her NOT going on missions all the time and being the kick-ass ninja she is.


annon request! sorry for taking a bit^^; but I hope you all like it <3 specially with all the hate, crosstaggers and anti spam that’s been going on in the NaruHina tag :) the line are not as clean but I really like having it have strokes like that.

I don’t like in fics or headcanons when people have sasuke “revive” the uchiha police force cause honestly….. giving the police force to the uchihas was such a bad move by tobirama and it really never did anything good for the uchiha ever ever ever like ever


For the Love of Icha Icha

There it was. The moment she had been waiting for the past month. Her absolute guilty pleasure.

Hinata had always believed that she was a fortunate, privileged girl and today only solidified that belief. Excitement bubbled over her skin. Her toes tingled, itching to jump up and down the walls in glee.

Her heart beating in her throat, she let a thumb glaze reverently over the cover.

There on the wooden shelf, the last of its kind, was a hard cover copy of Icha Icha Violence.

With a new illustration on the cover!

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